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January 6th, 2012

5:31AM // 73 notes

I have been asked by Ashley Lauren Saks to participate in an upcoming show called “Past Future Now”. She has collected films “from the past about the future, which is now” from the Oddball Film archives, and has paired each with a video-based artist. The artists are to make video reactions or inspired videos from the films they are paired with.

The video I am paired with is a segment titled “Hacker” which is from a longer video titled “Ethics in the Computer Age”. At the moment, I have been just experimenting with trying to get the video to render as animated ASCII art. It seems alright, but I’ve been having tough times getting the rendered video to look decent. Here are some screen shots of the video being processed as ASCII while playing. Now that I have this technique in the works, I’m thinking about how I might use it for a reaction/inspired piece.

I don’t normally use video as a medium as I am not well versed in the tools necessary to do such work, but it’s interesting to have a challenge on my hands. And though I have little experience, I do have some base knowledge from doing a few videos and hope to gain more. This direction may prove unfruitful in the end but I have a few other ideas that I may attempt.

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